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We can advise on, provide and install a range of pest control products to suit your needs.

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Insect-a-Clear Electronic Fly Killers

Flying insects transmit a host of dangerous diseases through food contamination.

At JID Group Services we stock a small selection of Insect-a-clear units for sale or lease and also a comprehensive range of spare parts. Units are available in white or stainless steel. Any units that we do not have in stock are obtainable within 3-5 working days. We are able to offer customers a discount on an order of multiple units because of the large quantities of Units we purchase direct from the manufacturers.


The manufacturers recommend changing the tube(s) and starter(s) annually for optimum performance.


Flyscreen Windows and Doors

Flyscreen Windows and Doors

Allows doors and windows to be open in warm conditions without allowing flying insects to enter the premises and contaminate products. A grey fibre glass mesh fitted into an aluminium powder coated metal frame with appropriate stainless steel fixings, magnetic catches, hinges and fixtures. All associated sub-framing is part of this service for lightweight, medium or heavy use contracts.

These are tailor made to suit individual needs and requirements, usually for commercial use but doors and windows have also been fitted in domestic premises.

Nova Door

  • Our most popular rigid door
  • Ideal for light commercial use
  • Available in white or brown
  • Heavy duty variation with mid height push plate

4-Piece Door Insect Curtain

Insect Door Curtain

This 4-Piece Door Insect Curtain is perfect for when you want to let fresh air in but hate the irritation of pesky insects. Fitting standard PVC or wooden doorways, UV-light resistant it can be fitted both inside and outside.

The easy open mesh panels are practical for both people and pets and swing back into place after being walked through. The mesh panels allow good visibility and fit a maximum door size of 100cm x 212cm (39 1/2ins x 83 1/2ins).

The 4-Piece Door Insect Screen is available in either Green and White stripe or Black.


aluminium chain link curtain insect screen

Chain Link Insect Screens

The aluminium chain link curtain insect screen is ideal where hinged-door insect screens and roller insect screens are not practical or desirable.

The free-hanging nature of the chain link curtain makes it possible to simply walk though your door opening without the inconvenience of stopping to open and close a hinged or roller insect screen.

The head rail can either be screwed securely into place or hung on protruding screws for easy removal.

Chain Link Insect Screens are available in Silver only from Stock. Coloured / Patterned screens are available subject to extended delivery and extra cost.


aluminium chain link curtain insect screen

PVC Strip Curtain Doors

PVC Strip curtain doors are ideal where frequent access is required but minimal heat loss or protection from bad weather are important economic considerations. Chilled rooms and freezers can maintain low temperatures by using Polar grade PVC strips.

PVC curtains are excellent at reducing or containing noise levels within factory areas. They also reduce ingress by flying insects or birds. The ideal solution for easy pedestrian and vehicular access.

Any size or shape opening can be fitted and can be installed behind roller shutters & concertina doors for 2 way visibility and access. PVC curtains can be made to slide if required.


repair most fire escapes thanet

Fire Escapes

We can repair most fire escapes i.e. steel cast and even wood from handrails, treads, landings, supports and railings. We can also design, supply and fit new fire escapes.


Stainless steel

From work-tops to cooker hoods, a crisp, clean and professional look all at a very competitive price.

We can also fit stainless steel sheeting for wall cladding instead of wall tiles in commercial kitchens. This not only creates a professional image, it is easy to clean thus reducing labour time and costs.

Want to keep the Environmental Health Officer off your back? YES OF COURSE! Then call us, JID Group Services on 01843 296847 or 07709661377 for a free no-obligation estimate.


Commercial Filter Cleaning for businesses in Thanet

Commercial Filter Cleaning

Commercial Filter Cleaning/degreasing service available on same day service.

We will take away your greasy filters (at a time least disruptive to your normal working hours), clean them and return them to you the same day!

Keep your fire risk low and your insurance company happy. Deep kitchen cleaning, duct cleaning and cooker hood cleaning also available.

When your filters come to the end of their life, contact us, we are able to supply new filters any size.



Blocked drains, sinks, toilets, bath and kitchen sinks all cleared.

Main drains unblocked.

Rodding or high pressure water jetting.

Old pipes replaced or repaired.


Free estimates and site surveys and no VAT charges.

We undertake a whole host of work that cannot all be listed here – you will be amazed. If you need something done ASK US!!!

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We love the jobs you hate!

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