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Commercial Pest Control Services

Local businesses use JID Pest Control because:

  • We offer a Priority Service.
  • We offer discreet and affordable contracts – Prevention is better than cure! Pests cause destruction and spread diseases. Our pest control contracts will safeguard your business and it's reputation and avoid loss of revenue through embarrassing publicity (do you want everyone to know you have rats, cockroaches?!).
  • We can provide organic alternatives to pesticides.
  • We can tailor your programme to meet BRC requirements.
  • Discount available for multiple premises.

Types of contract

If you see activity, CALL and we are there at the earliest opportunity. You choose a time slot when we can call whenever is convenient for you (when little or no customers are present).

Bespoke programmes to suit. We will carry out a site survey to determine Pest Control programme most suitable.

Integrated Pest Management Programmes (IPM) (Pest control is a team effort between us and the customer) we advise on measures that need to be taken, housekeeping.

  • Rodential – covers rats and mice. We will place bait stations, monitor any activity and proof where necessary.
  • Insect – covers most insects, flying and crawling. Insect monitors placed, moth traps.
  • Rodential and Insect – covers the 2 above together in 1 contract.
  • Bird Deterrent Services – We have a range of birds of prey that can act as an effective deterrent for many birds such as pigeons and gulls. Our birds of prey are trained for display purposes and their intention is to primarily act as a deterrant for other birds.
  • EFK lease – we will visit your premises at regular intervals to service your EFK so you never have to touch them yourself! This entails cleaning (removing those nasty dead insects), minor repairs, tube and starter replacement as necessary.

(Extra charges may apply in some cases where infestation is high).

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